Saturday, November 19, 2011

Evolution Indoctrination: Before and After

After Evolution Invaded the Textbooks

The following charts show the moral and scholastic declines in America since the government began funding textbooks in the late 1950s. This shows the "fruit" of the theory of evolution within our school systems.

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  1. Yeah...I agree that evolution is bad fruit we see from a corrupt tree. We need to chop at the root of the problem with the Gospel truth and not just fight the branches of symptoms we see in abortion, homosexuality, and so-forth.
    Darwin didn't even have any confidence in his own teachings as we see in his own writings. There is absolutely no evidence of evolution and it can only lead to what we saw with Hitler's Communism. It is being used by our academic, political, and media systems to usher in a 'New World Order'. We see these signs and tragic consequences within our own American culture.