Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Little Church went to Market

In an effort to draw sellout crowds, is the modern Church in danger of selling out? This is the question author and pastor Gary E. Gilley addresses in This Little Church Went to Market. He believes that under pressure from secular philosophies and fads, many evangelical churches have subscribed to pragmatic rather than scriptural patterns for ministry. Marketing tactics, demographic analyses and entertainment-oriented worship have taken the new paradigm Church by storm.  The result is a Christian community which is rapidly losing its focus and forfeiting its biblical mandate.  This Little Church Went to Market is a call for the Church to return to its scriptural roots.

I'm currently reading this book and suggest it to anyone who is concerned for their home church where these patterns are showing up.  He has also authored two other books related to this: "This Little Church had None" and "This Little Church Stayed Home."

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