Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whatever Happened to Heaven

( A quote from Dave Hunt's book: Whatever Happened to Heaven?):

" The popular trend now among many evangelicals is to be as much like the world as possible in order to gain the acceptance that is currently considered a prerequisite for something called "friendship evangelism"- another new approach to the Great Commission that neither Jesus nor Paul knew anything about. Some Christians are convinced that it takes months or even years to "earn the right to tell someone about Jesus"-hardly a tactic of the early church, which perhaps would not have been persecuted and martyred if it had preached the gospel more "positively.
   Many pastors and preachers attempt to adjust their message to make it sound as appealing as possible from a worldly viewpoint in order to increase the response. The Jesus they represent is a self-improvement success expert who offers a more efficient and psychological sound route to the same "good life" on this earth that every non-Christian seeks. The loss of heaven's importance, the rapture's relegation to a vague and distantly future role, and the church's identification with the world in it's societal and political struggles are combining to deaden the commitment of the contemporary Christian to the biblical standards of separation from a godless world. "

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