Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Only the Good Die Young: Jackie Hill

This is a powerful piece!!! Listen and read along!


I'm a girl
21 years old
On my way home
Car crashes
Bones break
Body tossed into the windshield like a acrobatic rag doll
Brain playing ping pong with my skull
Crushed arteries shoot blood around the car like vampires playing paintball
Lungs, committing suicide with the air
Chest heaving
In and out like a child overdosing on asthma attacks
Two seconds later, my body, laid there limp like an aborted fetus that was ripped from its
temporary home
And after this poem, just like me,
Everybody at the sound of my voice will die.
I had to realize the hard way that
Death, he has no age, he
Takes no fun in catching up
To those who already expect his arrival.
If you were death, would you rather take the 80 year old preacher,
On his deathbed singing to Jesus about going up yonder or,
The 18 year old boy at the club, thinking that he got his whole life to live right, oblivious
that he's
5 heartbeats away from,
4 breaths away from,
3 seconds away from,
2 late to keep a stray bullet from saying hello to his lungs
And looks like life just lost 1.
Death, gets the glory he searches for, every time someone utters the words
"Only the good die young"
Because it's good for the young to die in his eyes,
It's called shock value
The more it's unexpected the better he gets edit
Death is a jealous fellow.
When you fail to think about him, the more he remembers who you are.
Your name, where you stay, your friends, your family,
He tends to use the ones you love to be his pawns, in this chess game of life,
And the lies if they will push you towards the true king cuz death ain't no rook so,
No matter how much you think they will protect you in a time of trouble
Death will always yell checkmate.
You, can treat life like a tic tac toe if you want to,
Making you the x and turning god into a zero,
X-ing out, every opportunity you have to live eternally,
Eventually, those x's will connect like connect four and blow up in your face like
But some of you just might have to die to realize life ain't to be played with so,
Start thinking about your funeral.
And don't be surprised if your profile picture is tagged,
To the front of your obituary, cuz that'll be your final Facebook,
Because you, will die, whether you believe it, or not, death could care less if you are
You can jog, and eat veggies and go on diets til your face turns green,
But it's a fallacy to think that low calories
Will stop an undetected aneurysm from exploding in your brain while you sleep.
Death will not have sympathy on you because you have kids, because life, ain't nothin
but preschool for them, and eternity, is elementary
Death will not hold back because you are in school, trying to get a degree, start a
career, and have a family,
He identifies with you more than you think, he graduated from the university of R.I.P.
He has a master's in mastering those who think they have mastered what it means
To live life, like there's no tomorrow, and you, are a part of his family
That's why his name will be engraved on each one of your graves,
The date of your death is his signature.
I know, you probably think you would be married with children,
I know, you think your parents are supposed to die before you,
But the fact of the matter is, 155 thousand people die every day,
That's 6,461 people an hour,
108 people a minute
And two people per second
That means, that the clock inside your chest
Is ticking,
And only god knows what time it is.
Wake up, because your ignorance is committing your suicide.
But god, is ready to resurrect you from the grave, because he resurrected.
Death, cannot sting those that are covered in the repellant of Christ's blood,
But for those of you, that refuse to believe the truth,
Death is playing duck, duck, goose, with everyone in your room,
And sooner, then you may assume, his finger will eventually point to you

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