Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top reasons people marry

Many people choose marriage for good reasons yet the divorce rates are still high. Why? Some idealize marriage; others underestimate the amount of effort it really take to make a real relationship work. With so many marriages failing, an increasing number of people are wondering if marriage is even worth the trouble. According to a 2002 survey on marriage and cohabitation,

  • Approximately 28% of men and women cohabitated before their first marriage
  • Among men and women who considered religion very important, more than 4 in 10 had cohabited at some time in their lives
 Top Reasons

1. Love: 91%
2. Companionship: 88%
3. To signify a lifelong commitment: 82%
4. Security for children: 79%
5. To make a publice commitment to each other: 77%
6. Legal status or for financial security: 66%
7. Because of religious beliefs: 62%
8.  Response to family pressure: 50%
9. Desire for a special occassion: 45%

Courtesy of: http://theartofmarriage.com/what-is-aom/topics-covered/

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