Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Being a Pastor

I have been reading a book called: "Understanding our Calling and Work- On Being a Pastor" by Derek Prime and Alistair Begg. This is a great resource for anyone in the ministry. I wanted to highlight some great quotes from the book here.

"We may not always be aware at first as to whether God's call is to give all or part of our time to shepherding and teaching-for there is a place for both. That ought not to be a major preoccupation, in that such uncertainty simply indicates that the time is not yet right for action. At the appropriate stage, God will make it plain." (pg. 24)

"The preacher's gift proves its value to the body of Christ as his character demonstrates the truth of what he declares."  (pg. 37)

"Shepherds and teachers are for churches, not churches for shepherds and teachers. Churches do not exist for our benefit or for our livelihood. We exist rather for their good." (pg. 47)

"Every time we teach, it is appropriate to ask, "Am I providing good pasture for God's flock? Will this nourish their souls by causing them to feed upon our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and to respond to Him in obedience?" (pg. 49)

"Shepherds and teachers' particular responsibility is to prepare God's people for their individual works of service.....we should seek to identify the gifts of each member of the flock and to encourage them." (pg. 56-57)

"Nothing fires evangelism more than our people glorying in the gospel message as they hear it proclaimed." (pg. 59)

"A preeminent purpose of our devotional life is to keep ourselves in step with God, to check, as every day opens and closes, that we are in harmony with Him." (pg. 83)

"We must aim to read the Scriptures for ourselves first, rather than for others. What we discover for ourselves, we can then share with Christ's flock with integrity." (pg. 91)

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