Monday, September 23, 2013

Marks of an Effective Church, Part 1

I have decided to lay out some quotes from the study guide: Marks of an Effective Church, Part 1. There is a lot of practical information that is helpful for the local church.

Suggested Reasons for Growth

"A church's spiritual life can't be measured by its numbers because it's easy to attract people. It's far more difficult to make disciples."

Emphasis on Godly Leaders: Requirement  

"A man is not to be a leader in the church because he is the best businessman, has innate leadership ability, or is a super-salesman. He is to be a leader because he is a man of God."

Specific Requirements 

"It is saying he must be teachable as well as being able to communicate biblical truth to others; The most important thing about church leaders is that they be concerned about the people they are shepherding."

An Emphasis on Goals and Objects

"A church must have functional goals and objectives or it will have no direction."
"Underneath those overarching goals are more specific ones, like unifying families, preventing divorce, and educating children in the things of the Lord."

"For example, if we want to win people to Christ, we might preach about the responsibility of the believer to evangelize and offer classes in evangelism."

An Emphasis on Discipleship  

"The design of the Christian church is not to have a professional preacher financed by laymen who merely act as spectators. Every Christian should be involved in edifying other believers."

The Methods of the Modern Church

"Which would you rather have: a week of revival meetings once a year or a congregation evangelizing 365 days a year? Obviously the latter. Evangelism ought to be going on all the time. And it's important that we do it on a personal level."

An Emphasis on Active Church Members

"Until the church realizes that every member must minister his gifts, it never will be what God wants it to be."

"Where there are non-functioning members, there will be adverse effects somewhere else in the Body. All the saints must be involved in ministering the gifts God has given them."

"Aggressive, active, ministering people make for a successful church."

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