Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great Quotes!!!

These are quotes by Micheal Furchert, a Christian inspirational speaker:

Dollar Bill Can't Save Us   
      " It is not by Christian traditions and heritage that we are saved, not by "In God we trust" on the dollar bill, nor by religious reference of our politicians, not by a social culture of Christianity or a gospel of prosperity and self-fulfillment. It is by our choice to accept Salvation through Jesus Christ, turn from sin to repentance, from darkness to light, break with compromise and complacency and make him Lord of our lives. " 

"A Nation Under God" ?
" This country calls itself a "Christian nation under God", yet it is leading on the world market of pornography and drug abuse while crime and violence are soaring high. The divorce rate is higher among the Christian community than among unbelievers. Teenage pregnancies are at an all time high and sexual immorality, idolatry and superstition is sweeping the nation, even the Christian Church. More people worship materialism, self-fulfillment and worldly desires than God who created heaven and earth and gave them life. Let me say, that this country is a mission field that needs to be re-evangelisted. "  

Evil In Disguise
" Evil doesn't come as obvious evil so it could be recognized. Evil comes disguised as good so it can deceive and mislead. It doesn't come as obvious darkness so it could be feared. It comes in the garment of light so it will be marveled at and adored. Evil always disguises its true nature so it can deceive and mislead many. " 

 Society of Outward Happiness
" We're so much focused on our own rights and liberties. But the Bible says "Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me!" In a society that is so much about finding personal happiness and self-fulfillment - a sentiment resonating throughout many Christian books and teachings theses days - it is important to remind ourselves again that Jesus as called us to die to self and live our lives to glorify Him! "  

Booming Christianity vs. Solid Faith

" Has all this unlimited freedom and liberty, this booming culture of Christianity, the Mega Churches and TV evangelists, the overfilled Christian stores, the motivational speakers and all this commercialized faith and entertainment industry really helped this nation to build a strong, solid faith in Jesus Christ, bring repantance and Salvation? Or has faith only become a popularity contest of Superstar Christianty - 2000 miles wide and one inch deep?! "
"Eternal Fire Insurance"

Many people turn to Jesus to quickly get saved for only reason that they do not have to go to hell. All they want is their Eternal Fire Insurance. "Here is my signature, thanks for saving me, see you in Heaven. Until then, please stay out of my way." But there is a difference between accepting Jesus as your Savior - and following him as Lord of your life.
"Prisioners of Freedom"

"There are no barriers to faith but those we allow to be there. Communism did not keep me from following Christ. Unlimited freedom, however, with all its opportunities, promises and distractions often becomes a barrier to the faith of many. Paradoxically, some have even become "prisoners of freedom", captives of their own wrong choices and life-styles, disillusioned and without direction, heart-broken, empty and lost."