Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bible is like No Other Book: Telling the End from the Beginning

Bible Prophecy is a collection of writings that claim to predict not only the path of modern human history, but also the signs of its eventual destruction.

The Daniel Project puts these prophecies under a journalistic microscope, discovering that many appear to have already come to pass. Writings by the prophet Daniel claim to predict - with uncanny accuracy - the Big Brother surveillance society, climate change, terrorism, and the rise of conflict within the Middle East.

Known as "the real Nostradamus", Daniel's take on his future - our present - is like the musings of a rollercoaster Dan Brown novel -- the dark implication being that what we perceive to be the truth is in fact masking a deadly pattern beneath...

With the hype over the '2012 prophecies' gathering momentum... welcome to The Daniel Project.

[This film is being distributed by Mercury Media International for cinema, TV, DVD and VoD.

If you can't wait, or want to watch the extras and discover more about Bible prophecy and how to be 'One of The Wise', you can purchase a pre-release Special Edition boxed set at

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