Thursday, June 7, 2012

20 Characteristics of False Teachers

  1. False teachers are insincere and use God’s word for personal gain.
  2. False teachers appeal to the flesh and sin nature of people in order to build their following.
  3. False teachers deliberately take Scripture out of context to attract a following.
  4. False teachers have a form of godliness but deny God.
  5. False teachers openly reject truth.
  6. False teachers willingly embrace unbiblical philosophies.
  7. False teachers are arrogant and self-righteous.
  8. False teachers embrace mysticism.
  9. False teachers sound educated and speak with persuasive words but they speak error.
  10. False teachers are flippant in their attitude and dealings with demons.
  11. False teachers promise liberty or freedom from spiritual bondage but they are themselves in bondage as children and servants of Satan.
  12. False teachers have heard the gospel but reject it.
  13. False teachers embrace moralizing.
  14. False teachers rise from within the church and others seek to infiltrate the true church.
  15. False teachers cause personal and doctrinal division within the church.
  16. False teachers preach a different Jesus and demons can take on the form of their false god.
  17. Some false teachers preform signs and wonders through demonic power.
  18. False teachers are part of God’s judgment on a people and nation.
  19. False teachers can be a test from God to our faithfulness and to reveal true and false converts.
  20. False teachers deny the deity of Jesus Christ
   By Brannon Howse

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