Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before Joel Osteen: There Was Stuart Smalley

  This a funny clip of Stuart Smalley from an old Saturday Night Live Episode. Although is it really funny, the truth is, it is not far from Joel Osteen's teaching.  Osteen's teaching is more New Age than it is biblical. A quote from Brannon Howse say's it best: "Osteen's message is overwhelmingly syrupy-Christian happy-talk on steroids. His "good news" sounds more like it came from the pages of Oprah magazine or a Dr. Phil book than from the Bible. If you are interested in health, wealth, prosperity and positive-thinking heresy, then Osteen's your man." (



  1. Oh my goodness. The resemblance is uncanny!! How incredible. I knew I had seen Joel on SNL before.