Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Lost Doctrine

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The evidence of conversion is not a decision card filled out, it's a life being lived out. God commands all men everywhere to repent of their sins and believe the gospel and to bring forth fruit worthy of repentance. You're saying "Brother Paul, are you talking about a
works salvation?" Absolutely not. I'm talking about a lost doctrine in the church, and bear with me for just a second longer. I'll close my bible in good faith that I am leaving. Bear with me a second longer.
If there is a lost doctrine in the church today that has destroyed evangelism it's the
doctrine of regeneration. Regeneration is not merely a human decision. You do not get saved
simply because you decided to jump out of the line going to hell in order to jump into the line
going to heaven. Salvation is a supernatural work of God where by the power of God is manifest
to such a degree that it parallels or exceeds the very power of God manifested in the creation of
the universe. The universe was created xnihilo, out of nothing, but when God saves a man He
recreates him out of a corrupt mass. When people have truly repented, when people have truly
believed. There's a work of regeneration going on in which that person becomes a new creature
and as a new creature, with a new nature, they will live a different life. The evidence of
regeneration is not that you made a decision one time in a evangelistic campaign. The evidence
of regeneration is that your life is being transformed.
Do you think that God just transforms some of His children? The doctrine of a Christian
living in a continuous state of carnality is absolute heresy. Do Christians sin? Yes. Can
Christians fall into carnality? Yes. Can Christians walk in immaturity for a while? Yes. But can
Christians live a godless worldly life all the days of their life? Absolutely not! Why? Because
salvation is a supernatural work of God whereby if any man be in Christ he's a new creature (2
Cor 5:17) and new creatures live a different way. that's why when people tell me today that
there's just as much sin in the church as outside of the church, there's just as much divorce and
pornography and lying and hating and bickering in the church as outside of the church. That is a
lie. The church of Jesus Christ in America today is beautiful. She is broken, she is confessional,
she is walking with her God and when she sins it breaks her heart and she returns to him. Your
problem is, what you're calling the church is not the church. If the church is as most people say,
then every new covenant promise in the bible has failed, but God says in the new covenant He
will make a people and He will be their God and they will be His people and the law of God will
be written on their heart and they will walk in it. (Ezekiel 36:25-27)
The evidence of conversion is not a decision card filled out, it's a life being lived out. A
dear friend of mine, called a very important Christian scholar in history, Doctor Dallimore. He
said, "Doctor Dallimore, I have a question." The puritans really didn't give invitations and things
like we do today, how did they know when someone got saved? Dallimore said this, "Well that
was easy there life changed and they kept coming to church." How do we know they got saved?
They don't come to church, their life doesn't change, but they got saved because they raised
their hand. Look at what we've done just look, look.
If you're here tonight and your troubled about your soul, I will not ask you to raise your
hand and I will not ask you to fill out a card. But I will stay here till six o clock in the morning
when my plane leaves to counsel you. You see that's the problem isn't it. The great assumption,
people come forward, they sign a card, we talk to them 5 minutes about salvation, we declare
them saved and then we wonder why we have to pour so much discipleship in them and they
still won't grow. We've made the great assumption, we've passed them through an evangelical
right because they said all the right answers, we declare them saved and we never worry about
it again. That's wrong.
I'll tell you this, if you repent, and believe in Christ tonight, if you have done that, He
saved you. But I'll tell you this, if you've made a decision for Christ, you see Christ as Lord
tonight and you profess Him as faith. He saved you, but if you walk out of here and your life
doesn't change and you don't begin to grow and He who began a good work in you doesn't
complete it. What happened here tonight wasn't genuine conversion. Because the evidence of
genuine conversion is an ongoing work of God in the soul of a man. That's the old way, that's
historical Christianity. How many of you and how many people do you know. Is it not true?
Maybe you have a child and they made a profession of faith when they were 6 because
someone asked them if they wanted to go to heaven or they loved Jesus, of course they raised
their hand. Then when they got 14, 15 years old they started living in the world hating the things
of God and you go to them and you go: "But you're a Christian you need to act differently." You
are wrong in the way you are approaching them. You need to approach them this way: "You
made a profession of faith in Christ, but every bit of evidence in your life at this moment,
dictates that maybe your profession of faith in Jesus Christ was false and you are still in your sin
and if you died you would go to hell." Now make your calling and election sure, repent, return to
Christ. You see how superficial our Christianity has become? Oh my dear friend these things
should not be so, but they are. Awakene to the gospel, the real gospel, not the reduced kind. It's
a gospel of grace and a gospel of power -that He who began a good work in you will finish it.
(Phil 1:6)
The evidence of conversion is not a decision card filled out, it's a life being lived out.

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